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Creating a Basic Budget in Google Sheets - Google Sheets Formula Basics 2021

Welcome to today’s video, in today’s video we are going to be going over very basic mathematical formulas in google sheets. We will create simple budget and expenses formulas, to track money coming in and what is going out. This is an easy way to manage your money in an easy-to-use sheet you can create for yourself.

Let's get started with today’s video. If you haven’t already get onto the google sheets home screen. Click on add blank sheet. Let’s call this yearly budgeting. On the top cell merge a few cells, I will merge from A to H in the top row. Next, add the title Yearly Budgeting. Add in a fill color to give it a better look. Let's also change the font size to 20 and make it bold. Let's add the months into the cells vertically starting from cell number 3 and work your way down. Next in row 2 add-in Months, Total Money In, Mortgage, Bills, Groceries, Savings, Entertainment, and Total. This is just very basic and you can customize this to however you like. Next, we are going to use cell references to calculate multiple cells across this row. Next to January month in row number 4 start typing in amounts, I am going to add $6000 to money in, 1500 to mortgage, 400 to Groceries, 400 to bills. 500 to savings 400 to entertainment. Next under the total section, we will create a formula to simply calculate the difference between our total money in from our expenses. Type in =B4-SUM(C4:H4) or simply type in = sign click on the cell you want to start the formula with B4. Next type -SUM( click on the next cell you wish to start this section with which is cell C4, hold shift and click the end cell which is F4. This will merge all of this data inside the SUM function. Close the formula with another bracket if you haven’t done this and press enter. This will calculate all of this easily. Let’s go ahead and add some other information here to make it unique. Fill in all of the information every month if you wish, I will quickly speed through this section of the video.

We should do a bonus for this video. You can see in this cell here we are actually in a negative balance. Which is never a good thing! Hmm, we should add in a fill color when any number goes negative here. This will give you a warning so you don’t spend all of your money. Let's highlight all cells in the total section that have values from cells H4 to H15. When they are highlighted go to format on the top menu. Near the bottom will be conditional formatting, click this. On the right side will display conditional formatting rules. For this simple conditional, under format rules click if the value is less than 0, add a red fill color to the cell. Select done. You can see in our sheet we now have this cell highlighted in Red. Pretty handy feature.

That’s it for today's video, in the next video, we will continue with some more basic formulas, formatting, and other basic features. We will be creating advanced google sheets tutorials in future videos, so make sure you like and subscribe to these tutorials. Don’t forget to turn the bell notification on so you don’t miss any new videos! See you guys in the next video and thanks for watching!


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