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New Trello Features for 2021 - Trello Tutorial

In today's video we are going to be going over briefly Trello's new features that were released earlier this year. We will briefly go over Trello's new board visualization which includes, Timeline, Table, Calendar and Dashboard views. Utilizing these views is extremely handy and eliminates the use for extra Power-Ups.

Timeline View

Trello's new Timeline view is a very handy feature to visualize upcoming workloads, similar to a Gantt Chart. You can access the Timeline view by clicking on Board on the top left of your screen and selecting Timeline. Keep in mind the new views from Trello are only available to Business Class and Enterprise users only. You can click hold and stretch cards dates if you wish to extend or shorten the duration of an upcoming project. You can change the date from Daily all the way up to yearly. This can also be filtered by Member, List and Label.

Calendar View

If you have used Trello before you definitely know how good the Trello Calendar Power-Up is. The new Calendar View is an even better upgrade. The biggest difference between the Power-Up and the View is the way start dates and due dates are displayed. With the Power-Up traditionally, this was only displayed on the last day of the due date, not when the task was started. The screenshot above displays some random cards across dates. This feature is currently only available to Business Class users, they are expanding this functionality to be used with Advanced Checklists and Full Day Events.

Table View

Team Table view has the ability to pull data from multiple boards to be displayed in a convenient looking spreadsheet. When using Table View you can add or remove board by clicking on the add boards drop down. You can also quickly filter through cards by labels, members due dates and lists. You also have the ability to change data by clicking on any card and changing information. Currently Table view is available to Business Class and Enterprise users only.

Dashboard View

With Dashboard view you can create unique reports directly from data on your board including, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Line Charts. You can filter this data with the same information as the other views. This can be filtered by labels, members, due dates and lists. Dashboard view is currently only available to Business Class members who are apart of that team.

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