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Shopify Tutorial 2021 - Navigation and Adding a Custom Theme

In today’s video, we will continue learning basic Shopify Navigation and adding our theme. I will be using the Turbo theme in this video from Out of the Sandbox. This is one of the most powerful themes in the market. Keeping your store speed extremely fast increases consumer retention by over 80%. Having a slow eCommerce store restricts sales.

In our last video, we went over basic Shopify Navigation and where to find the basics for your store. We are now on our Shopify Dashboard. On the left side under sales channels, it shows Online Store. Click Online Store. This section will display information like Themes, Blog Posts, Pages, Navigation, Domains, and Preferences. Click on themes. When you first launch your store, Debut theme will automatically be chosen. This is a good started theme if you wish to just test out Shopify. Under Actions, you will be able to preview and change the code on this theme if you wish. Clicking customize will bring you to the store editing section. This is where you will be designing your store. Click exit let’s head back to the dashboard. Here will also display your store speed. Under this will be the theme library, you can explore all of the themes on the Shopify theme store here. You can browse these themes and see if one of them catches your eye.

Click Blog Posts. If you have a website you know Blogging is a good way to keep customers and followers engaged. You can create Blogs directly on your store related to your products.

Pages are the next tab, this will keep your store organized. You can separate product categories, legal pages and contact us into separate pages for organization. Each page will give you an SEO section so you can optimize your store.

The navigation section will be where you create your menus on your store. Here you can nest specific categories to make sure your store menus are lined up how you want. We will be going over this in later videos.

Under Domains, Shopify will automatically create a domain name for you. This will be the store name you chose when creating your store followed by This is definitely not the domain name you want when you launch your store, but this is fine until you get your store launched and the store name was chosen. You can connect an existing domain, transfer a domain or even buy a new domain directly in Shopify.

Under preferences, you can change basic store settings like your store title and social image. Title and meta descriptions will be the things displayed on search engines when people find your store. So make sure you put in the correct information so potential customers can find you easily. Here you can also connect google analytics facebook pixel and change your store password to view on the web.

Let's head back into the Theme section to get started with our Theme. If you simply just want to use the Debut theme click on customize to get started. I will be adding the Turbo theme so there are a few more steps in order to add this theme to our store. For this tutorial, I will be adding the Turbo Florence theme. On the left click on add theme, upload the zip file, and drag in the theme zip file of your choice if you are using the Turbo theme, there are 5 different options to choose from. If this part is confusing please let me know in the comments and I can show you how to download and add the theme in a separate video. Next to the theme click on customize. We are now in the customize your store section. There will be no images here as you need to upload your own media and your own products to your store for them to be displayed.

I am going to wrap up the video here. In the next video, we will begin learning how to customize our store and learning basic navigation inside of the editor. If you like these videos consider liking and subscribing for future videos. See you in the next video and thanks for watching.


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