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Top 5 Trello Power-Ups (Trello 2021)

In today's video we will go over some of the most useful power-ups I have used over a number of years. Keep in mind this is my opinion and there may be some other great power-ups out there.


My favorite power-up is Trello's Calendar. This Power-Up combined with the mobile application has helped me remember critical information consistently. There have been numerous times if I didn't have the Power-Up set up correctly it would have been forgotten. The ease of use with both applications is amazing. You can also pair this with your phone or Google calendars, I prefer to just use the Trello Calendar. Here are some things you can do:

  • Display and filter cards with due dates in a weekly or monthly calendar view

  • Easily see completed tasks by marking due dates complete.

  • Manage due dates by dragging and dropping cards on the calendar.

Butler Automation

This automation tool has saved me countless hours from manually inputting data to my board. It has also saved on errors from manually inputting of information. You can check out our basic intro version to Butler Automation here. We also have a intermediate to advanced Butler video here. As stated in this video, we will be creating a Project Management video series from scratch which will utilize Butler a ton.

Google Drive

We have previously made a in depth video on getting started with the Google Drive Power-Up. Check it out here

Custom Fields

I believe this to be one of the most underrate Power-Ups. The customization with this Power-Up is amazing. I demonstrate here a quick use case for organizing potential clients. There are endless possibilities with the options you are able to use including: Checkbox, Date, Dropdown, Number or Text. Once you enable this power-up, all of the data you enter into custom fields will be populated on the front of the card so it is easier to see.

Card Aging

I have been guilty of this a numerous amount of times. Adding a card with a good idea I have just thought about, it slowly works it's way down the mountain of cards are it gets forgotten for a number of days or weeks. This is where card aging comes in, you can choose the cards to slowly fade or set it to pirate mode(this is more visible and distinctly shows what cards have not been used).

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