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Trello Tutorial - Butler Basics (Trello 2021)

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

In today's video we will briefly go over the basics of butler, Trello's automation tool. A great tool to help automate redundant tasks. I will show us how to automatically create a green label when dragging a card to the completed section. If you like these videos like and subscribe!

Butler is a powerful tool that brings automation and insights to your Trello boards. Whether you want Butler to perform simple tasks on a single board using basic functionality or to supercharge your Trello workflow using major automations across your entire team.

Create buttons, rules, and even scheduled commands to perform different actions on your boards. Butler automatically reacts to your actions on the board, helping minimize the number of clicks needed to perform different tasks.

Check out our Trello series for Beginners to Intermediate and Advanced users to learn more.

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