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Video and Content Creation


Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos help transform your business message into a more fun and engaging experience for your end user. This includes videos for all social media platforms.

Commercial Videos

We bring creative and bold Advertising videos, working with clients to make sure the advertising is exactly what they were hoping for. Helps in alot of industries including healthcare, construction, real estate and much more.

Training/E-Learning/Web Videos

Create and Edit multiple videos including workplace digital training, online training courses and Web Videos. Specializing is Calgary Business Consulting to speed up workplace processes.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Create special effects for your videos, advertisements and much more. 3D illustration and digital graphics is a great way to demonstrate complex ideas. Creation of engaging into sequences to your videos.

Drone Footage

We use drones to capture the perfect shot or video for your business. We then take this footage and make the perfect video or photo edit for you.

Why Video's?

Videos are proven to be more effective in running marketing campaigns. Visitors are 60% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. Not only that, companies that utilize videos to drive business results see more than a 45% increase in sales compared to those who don't. If you're a Calgary Business looking to scale and grow, videos are a necessity. Utilizing the 2nd largest search engine in the world (YouTube) guarantees to help drive sales to your business with engaging targeted video advertising.

Looking to save money for your business?

Did you know the average cost to train an employee is over $1200? If you're going through employees just to have them leave 6 months later costs you money. We create engaging training videos for your business. Rather than having new employees constantly interrupting supervisors and other staff, they can refer to a log of training videos to help them find answers efficiently. Not only does this keep company morale up due to staff being able to get work completed, having a versatile video library for training dramatically reduces costs long term. Is your business looking  for training videos or how-to's?

Recent youtube videos

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